We all want Avast Internet Security 2016 license file free of cost in order to protect our systems. That’s why we are providing you avast internet security activation code serial till 2038. There are tons of security products available online but you never heard of intelligent antivirus. What this means that not only it will detect viruses but also ransomware and phishing attacks. It’s smart scan is ultimate time-saver because it runs in background and don’t effect on your computer performance. This is done with latest artificial intelligence in which CPU thinks that no process is running at this time.


First of all you need to make sure that your home network security is good enough to block all your neighbour requests. In other case your friends can use your printer, scanner and wireless network without your permission. After using internet browser for many months it tends to get slow due to many fake addons and plugins. So it’s better to use Avast Internet Security Browser Cleanup feature which will automatically disable addons based on community guideline.

Avast Internet Security 2016

Although it’s not necessary but an extra firewall is also included in Avast Internet Security 2016. It’s just like the main door of your house which needs to be locked when you leave it. Otherwise hackers and cyber criminals can break into your system and steal your all private files. After downloading the executable files from internet it’s important for you to test it on sandbox otherwise you could be in danger. Remembering passwords is the most difficult thing to do in 21st century because we have so many devices.

One Year Free Product Keys

First of all download AIS 2016 from this link only(essential step) otherwise key will not work. In order to protect your laptop or computer for full 3 years you need Avast Internet Security free license file which you can download from link mention below.