It’s amazing how many people want Microsoft PowerPoint 2010 product key free. Windows 10 is here so microsoft powerpoint activation key is must for one who like this office product. When ever we first install windows on our machines it contains nothing but only wordpad which is only a basic editor. So we need some kind of professional software which can meet our daily demands and do the work for us as quickly as possible. In addition to adding pictures and video now you can edit your documents on the go thanks to cloud technology. Creating presentations was never easier before but now even a ten year old kid can do the job for you.


First of all when you first install the microsoft powerpoint 2010 serial number on your system it reads your hard drive serial number so that it can register the product against it. So in this way you need to stick to your computer hard drive otherwise if you plan to change it in future you need to buy the software again. After that run the software from CD or DVD and wait for the installer to run the executable file. Of course you need administrator privileges otherwise it will not run the program.

Microsoft PowerPoint 2010

Now execute the file and click on next button until it says accept the license. After that it will start microsoft powerpoint 2010 free download full version from official website. Wait for the download to complete and it will load the software for the first time. After successfully loading you will see many new templates which contains not only rich text but also includes free sample photos and videos.

Microsoft PowerPoint 2010 Product Key

It’s time for us to reward you with some microsoft powerpoint 2010 free license key so that you can create your business presentations with ease.