According to Symantec Corporation Norton Antivirus 2016 free product keys will be replaced with another name. Now you need to have Norton Security Standard serial number if you want to protect your computer. If you want best protection for Microsoft based Windows PC or Apple Macintosh than it’s time to switch. Real-time protection is not a new technology but thing is that you need to be very sure of upcoming viruses so that you can plan a strategy against them. Also if you internet browser is effected by malware than it will scan your computer in safe-mode and remove all those addons.


Your digital identity needs to be verified every now and then because many people will try to steal it. Although you pay money to many other antivirus products but still no one will guarantee you 100% safe internet browsing which is really amazing. Not only Norton Antivirus 2016 will work on your regular desktop computer or laptop but also on smartphone, tablet and any android device. You don’t need to open the antivirus product interface on your devices thanks to it’s web based control panel now you can easily control devices from any where in the world.

free license keys of Norton Security Standard

Cloud storage is getting popular day by day by still you need to backup all your data on any physical drive at home. For this you can buy any portable hard drive which has built in wi-fi in it. This way all your home data will be synced in few seconds and you don’t have to manually save the documents. You will not find many international magazine praising any software company which deals in security. But Norton is on the only company which wins the race every time hands down.

Free License Keys

Before downloading Norton Antivirus 2016 free license keys you need to have the exact same version installed on your computer. Symantec just changed the name of the software and now it’s Norton Security Standard which you can download from this official link. Now grab one free serial number hidden below and activate your software for full one year.