We all want Microsoft windows 8.1 pro product key in order to finish our work. But finding windows 8.1 pro activation key is not an easy thing to do on internet due to massive usage. Many people still not understand whether to buy OEM or retail version due to lack of information. First thing you might noticed that OEM version is cheap and easy to find on internet. Where as retail version is expensive and can only be brought in the form of physical disk. Another benefit of retail version is that you can reinstall operating system on more than one machine which is quite useful for those people who tend to buy new computers every year.


Now a days with so many operating system to choose from like Linux, Apple Macintosh, Mozilla Firefox OS etc it’s very annoying to find windows 8 pro product key free list. Mainly you will find Linux operating system free of cost which is really a plus point specially if you are from third world countries. But again it may not do the job for you with limited functionality and features. Many visitors ask us for difference between oem software retail and full version which confuse many people around the world.

microsoft windows 8.1 professional

Windows 8.1 Pro Activation Key

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